"You and I met briefly. You opened my eyes to some aspects of myself and relationship dynamics I didn’t realize were quite severe. Just this knowing gives me strength and a new perspective, I feel a calmness and understanding behind how things escalated so much at one time for me. You also recommended I go to the Women Within Weekend in Wisconsin. I did and it was an amazing experience! Thank you! My confidence is much better and I feel more connected and grounded.  ... SO much gratitude for you Aline, thank you!" - Mary

"I am not one to seek professional support in difficult times, but Aline has changed my opinion on that matter forever. I have experienced the most difficult time in my life to date in the last two years and I can finally say that it has passed. Aline's steadfast support and guidance through every hurdle has given me back my confidence, helped me find my center and allowed me to reach success, balance and happiness not only in my life, but in my business, winning a Rookie Of The Year award against all odds. Aline has an air of calm and serenity that surrounds her all the time which makes it easy for me to discuss topics with her which are otherwise difficult  to talk about. Her approach to life and to healing is multifaceted which leads me to believe that anyone could benefit from some or all of her methods. Aline truly has your best version of yourself at heart through every step of your journey with her." -Adele S. Lang

"I learned I don't have to be afraid anymore." -10 year old client

"Our organization has enjoyed the benefit of Aline’s coaching throughout the past year. Initially engaged to consult strategically during a time of rapid business growth, Aline’s contribution has provided unexpected value in anchoring the team’s mission and values. As a result, we have been able to move forward with clarity and purpose as we’ve added people, space, and client activity at a fast pace. I comfortably recommend Aline’s coaching and consultation skills for any organization seeking to strengthen their culture or any leader wanting to manage change effectively."

Steve Ritter, Managing Director at Midwest Institute & Center for Workplace Innovation, LLC

"A series of synchronicities led me to finding Aline's practice. I was drawn to her coaching work, but valued the fact that she had a therapeutic background as well. The work I wanted to do involved delving into some very unknown territory for me personally. I wasn't sure anyone would understand. What I found in working with Aline was that and much more. Not only was Aline a grounded and centered compassionate witness as I moved through that journey, she also knew how and when to challenge me so that I didn't get lost or stuck along the way. I should mention that the work included a hypnotherapy session at one juncture. That session not only produced immediate benefits (feeling so much lighter and more relaxed), it also left a huge impression on me for a long time afterwards. It makes so much sense to be careful when selecting someone to work with on important life issues and challenges. That's why it was such a joy to find someone in this line of work who walks the walk, demonstrates genuine caring for others, and maintains an upbeat and positive outlook." -Roger Oney

“Graceful. Joyful. Thoughtful. Skilled. In lots of ways, you inspire me to live life more fully; to know my own value and to pursue noble endeavors. I like your leadership…and I take much with me from your wisdom.” 


"My time with you was short but very helpful!"-Cyndie Moritz

Having a coach/therapist helped me set obtainable goals, both personally and academically. In the end, I was much happier, more confident, and a college grad! I improved my quality of life and accomplished set goals. [Aline]… is a new kind of therapist, someone who is looking to help people, not just clients. There is no medical/cold atmosphere allowing much more effective sessions."- Name Withheld

"Aline is professional, and compassionate.  Her soft and gentle approach relaxed and made me feel comfortable immediately.  I  instantly knew she was capable of helping me resolve my hurt and insecurities."   Thank you." Rose. A

“Aline's focus and goal oriented drive is most impressive. I highly recommend her as a professional resource for reaching your target market.” - Bill Knox, Telecom for Business

"I was looking for a therapist that would talk back to me and not stay silent and pretend to listen to you! I found Aline Bethea! She is a wonderful therapist in all aspects; she listens carefully and will take appropriate actions, whether a gesture of compassion or a clever question. Her level of compassion blended with professionalism is worth every minute you spend with Aline. She has her unique way to make you feel yourself and respect your feelings, but, never the less, will make you grow and solve issues you may encounter with care, kindness, clear intuition, and rational understanding. The depths of the healing process starts with her approach! Life coaching in a holistic manner adapted to your needs. Needless to say I love her and my life took a better turn. The best choice I ever made since I decided to face my issues!"