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  • Taking Our Lives Off Auto-Pilot

    When we start to get off track- may we all stop, breathe, and reflect a little when we read this quote!   Since I am only recently boosting my online presence, this post is an attempt to further explain my approach to the work I do as a 'professional of the healing arts'.  I didn't

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    The Creative Paradox

      Do you remember the story of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who got trapped in a remote canyon and had to cut off his own arm with a pocketknife to free himself? Imagine the desperate horror he must have felt as he contemplated his options; it's one of the craziest, true-life examples

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    Daily Afflictions

    What is to give life must endure burning. –Victor Frankel The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe  -From Daily Afflictions by Andrew Boyd Many of us have set out on the path of enlightenment. We long for a release of selfhood in some kind of mystical union with all

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    Where, My Friends, Have The Wild Ones Gone?

    -From Beyond Rhetoric: Writings in the Tradition of Kahlil Gibran By Joel McKerrow One brave young man plucks up his courage and steps out of the pack. Standing next to Samuel Rowland he stumbles for his words. Finally stammering, “Would you…I mean could you…can you tell us what has

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    Speak to Us of Faith

    -From Beyond Rhetoric: Writings in the Tradition of Kahlil Gibran By Joel McKerrow A young priest, elegantly dressed in his white robes, had been drawn out of his nearby chapel to query the Prophet, “Please, speak to us of Faith.” “Faith is not the absence of doubt, though many feel

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