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    • As a certified Team Clock Consultant, Aline works with world class businesses and organizations to optimize team performance by breaking the cycles of struggle, diagnosing opportunities for growth, creating accountability for healthy team behavior, igniting innovation, and connecting changes in team effectiveness to measurable business results.

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    • Hypnotherapy is the practice of psychotherapy while a client is under hypnosis. It is one of the world's oldest sciences and has been affirmed as a valuable modern medical practice by both the British and American Medical Associations since the 1950's. Aline is a graduate of the Wellness Institute in Seattle's Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Program. 

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    • Life/Career Coaching and Integrative Psychotherapy to help you make and keep personal and professional changes, fulfill your potential, improve your health, and THRIVE instead of just survive! Aline is also a certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor and bilingual in English/Spanish. She is based in Chicago, IL.

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    • EFT is a powerful self help technique that can dramatically reduce the emotional distress related to events and triggers and is listed under APA guidelines for evidence based, clinical practice in the treatment of PTSD, anxiety and phobias. Learn how to use EFT to achieve impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues!

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    • “Aline's focus and goal oriented drive is most impressive. I highly recommend her as a professional resource for reaching your target market.” - Bill Knox, Telecom for Business

      “Aline brings a rare combination of warmth and professionalism to her consulting endeavors. I have repeatedly witnessed facilitation environments wherein she’s disarmed potentially conflicting personalities and brought all parties concerned to mutually beneficial, win-win, previously unseen possibilities. Aline is a cross-cultural solutions-creator par excellence; highly recommended.” - Mike Morrell, Writer and Consultant.

      "Our organization has enjoyed the benefit of Aline’s coaching throughout the past year. Initially engaged to consult strategically during a time of rapid business growth, Aline’s contribution has provided unexpected value in anchoring the team’s mission and values. As a result, we have been able to move forward with clarity and purpose as we’ve added people, space, and client activity at a fast pace. I comfortably recommend Aline’s coaching and consultation skills for any organization seeking to strengthen their culture or any leader wanting to manage change effectively." Steve Ritter, Managing Director at Midwest Institute & Center for Workplace Innovation, LLC

    • The 1-2-3 Dialogue: Handling Emotions in a Conflict

      When people get emotionally escalated, they are fundamentally different people than when they are calm. Adrenaline flows faster Strength increases by 20% The liver pumps sugar into the bloodstream More oxygen is demanded from the heart and lungs Veins become enlarged The rational “thinking” part of your brain can’t perform as well “This is an emotional condition

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    • Listening 101

      Hearing + suspenseful waiting = Listening  “True human sincerity, true transparency…is a rare and difficult thing; and so much of it depends on the person who is listening to us! When it comes our turn to listen, which of these are we?       Effective listening involves three main skills: Paying Attention, Following, and Reflecting. Attention is to listen with your whole body.

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